How to Use the ActivityMap Extension for Adobe Analytics

The ActivityMap extension for Adobe Analytics provides a dedicated user interface and a range of dimensions to help you understand where visitors, and potential customers, are clicking on a page. It also helps you better understand how they are interacting with your website or digital property, and which elements on your page are performing well and which need more attention to improve engagement and conversions.

How to Enable ActivityMap on Your Report Suite

Once Activity Map is enabled, then any link tracking data that is passed across your website will be reflected in the relevant reports that are available in your report suite. The reports can be accessed by logging into your personal account in the Adobe Experience Cloud and accessing your Analysis Workspace to view the different Activity Map dimension and metrics that are available, as shown above (screenshot of Adobe Analytics UI).

How to Test Link Tracking Data for ActivityMap

If you’re looking for an easy way to test whether or not your link tracking is being captured using Activity Map, then you could try using the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger browser plugin, which will allow you to navigate through your website and identify any element that meets the criteria for activity map link tracking. You can then check out the contents of any of these requests by opening up the ‘Analytics’ tab of the plugin.

How to Use an Activity Map for Your Digital Commons Collection or SelectedWorks Profile

When a visitor downloads an article from a Digital Commons collection or SelectedWorks profile that is connected to your repository, a highlighted pin drops on the readership map at the approximate location of the download. A title card appears with an automatic feed of the article’s title, author, and publication. The bottom of the map displays statistics from the repository or collection where the map is enabled.

Depending on the configuration settings that you have at the repository level, the map may also display additional information about your institution and location. Default settings will display the institution city, state or region and country, but you can customize this by visiting the Configuration screen at the site level or collecting where the map is enabled.

How to Configure an ActivityMap for Your Site

To configure the ActivityMap to display on your site, you need to be logged into your account in the Adobe Experience Cloud and visit the ‘Configuration’ tab at the site or collection level where the map is enabled. You can then set the map to display in a particular color scheme and choose to show location information on the title card and placeholder card before pins drop.

You can further configure the map to be paused if you want to continue dropping pins while visitors are navigating around your site, or you can stop displaying the map when the visitors leave or refresh their browser. The pause button can be found on the top left of the screen when you are viewing the map from the front end, or from the Administrator Toolbar.