Optimizing Athletic Performance: Sports Massage in Manhattan, NY

Sports massage Manhattan NY can help you recover from workouts, improve your performance and enhance your body’s overall health. It can also reduce the risk of injury. To find the best therapist for your specific needs, look for someone who has experience with the type of workout you enjoy. You can also look for a licensed massage therapist with certification in the area of sports.

Most injuries and pain are cured by one Apotherapy treatment session, no surgery or drugs needed!

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Athletes of all ages and levels of ability can benefit from the many effects of a sport massage. It increases the flexibility and range of motion of joints, muscles and ligaments and can improve circulation, thereby reducing the chance of injury. It may even prevent and alleviate chronic aches and pains. It can also boost endurance and help prepare the athlete mentally for competition or an event.

In addition to decreasing muscle soreness, sports massage Manhattan NY can decrease the occurrence of DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. DOMS can occur after a sporting event or exercise, but it can also result from minor muscle or connective tissue damage, local muscle spasm that reduces blood flow or a buildup of toxins in the tissue. Massage helps to relieve these conditions by increasing the elasticity of muscle and connective tissue, decreasing tightness and swelling in the muscles and relieving pressure on nerves.

The massage therapy can also stimulate the body’s innate ability to control pain and promote healing. Pain impulses travel from the spinal cord up through the brain and are detected by receptors in the skin called nerve endings. The touch of a sports massage interrupts these pain signals and sends other signals along the same pathways, causing a release of natural morphine-like substances that override painful feelings.

Athletes should schedule a sports massage before and after events, as well as in the weeks leading up to a competition. A pre event massage is designed to warm up the muscles by enhancing blood circulation, increasing muscle elasticity and reducing tension. A post event sports massage is intended to help the athlete recover from the stress of competition and increase their athletic potential. This includes helping to remove waste materials, flush the muscles and increase joint mobility. It can also help prevent injury by preventing adhesions and swelling in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The massage can also improve posture and flexibility and enhance the body’s ability to perform at its best. The athlete will feel more energetic, relaxed and ready to compete.

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