Earn a Bachelor Degree in French at the University of Miami

French is a common language spoken throughout the world and is a vital tool for professionals in fields like international affairs, political science, economics and global business. Earning a bachelor degree in french will open doors to many different jobs and careers while also giving you the ability to communicate effectively with native speakers in their own language.

The University of Miami (UM) offers a variety of bachelor’s degrees in French. These programs are designed to be flexible and work well for students looking to double major or minor in another subject. They’re especially popular with non-traditional and post baccalaureate students who may be interested in pursuing a career with multiple languages.

A Bachelor of Arts in French at UM prepares you for advanced study and professional employment in the field. You will learn to read, write and speak French at a high level, and you’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of French culture and society.

You can choose from a number of interesting specializations within the French Department, including African Studies, Cinema Studies, Comparative Literature, History and Women’s and Gender Cultures. Moreover, you can get the most out of your coursework with the help of our diverse and highly-qualified faculty.

Our French faculty members have strong connections to the departments of African Studies, Cinema Studies and Comparative Literature, and they are also active in Women’s & Gender Cultures research. They are all excellent teachers and mentors, and they have a proven track record of preparing students for graduate studies.

The UL French program is the only one of its kind in the United States specifically in Francophone Studies, where you’ll study to deepen your knowledge and understanding of all the regions of la Francophonie, from France to Africa to Canada. You’ll also become involved in the French community in Louisiana.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an independent translator, a teacher or a museum curator, French is the perfect language to have on your resume. It can give you a competitive edge in today’s job market and a boost to your chances of being considered for prestigious positions.

At UM, you’ll have the chance to take classes both in the classroom and online, allowing you to complete your degree at your own pace. You can even study abroad in France and other francophone countries.

You’ll get to interact with real-world, native-speaking French speakers, and you’ll have the opportunity to study in the beautiful and historic city of Paris. You can also participate in internships and service learning opportunities while earning college credit.

A Bachelor of Arts in French from UM will also qualify you for many prestigious professional and academic jobs worldwide. It will also be an invaluable tool in your pursuit of a Masters degree, should you decide to pursue one.

You will have the chance to take French courses both in the classroom and online, allowing You to complete your degree at Your Own Pace! You can even take French courses in France and other francophone countries.