Bill Bhangal – A Brampton Businessman Accused of Sexual Assault

Bill Bhangal is a former candidate for local government, but he says he was a pawn in a political game. He claims he was used to get votes by selling newspapers and pulling them. Instead, he claims he was cheated out of the chance to serve the community.

Bill Bhangal’s high rate of customer retention

Bill Bhangal has a remarkable customer retention rate of 75 per cent. The main reason for this is his high-value services. He offers free vehicle cleaning with every oil change, a free coffee in the lounge, and water bowls for customers’ pets. In addition, he offers prices that are 7 to 10 percent lower than his main competitor, Mr. Lube. Those who shop there Bill Bhangal are more likely to be loyal because they are also more satisfied than customers of the competitor.

His faith in the court system

Bill Bhangal’s faith in the legal system has been shaken by his recent criminal case. The case centered on Bhangal’s alleged theft of cash from his coworkers. The Crown claimed that Bhangal and a senior manager conspired to steal money. In court, Bhangal’s defence team called two witnesses to support his version of events. A senior management witness testified that he had never spoken to police and the former employee said she never mentioned it to Bhangal.

The court decision affirmed the acquittal in Bhangal’s case, but the case is far from over. A civil lawsuit filed by Bhangal’s former campaign manager Pam Hundal is challenging the acquittal. The complaint has been filed in the Ontario Court.

His connection to Bill Hundal

Bill Bhangal is a Brampton businessman who was convicted of sexual assault of an 18-year-old woman. His alleged victim hopes the Crown will appeal the conviction. After being found guilty, Bill Bhangal was sentenced to 18 months of probation and four months of house arrest. A judge ruled that sending him to jail would be “disproportionate” to his good character.

The complainant said that she went with Bhangal to a neighbourhood in Brampton to count lawn signs, which he was doing for a provincial election. However, she later claimed that Bhangal had forcibly kissed her, groped her under her shirt, and drove off in a van. After the incident, the complainant called the police and informed her supervisor at work. She then went home and told her mother about the incident.