Security guards protect buildings, valuables and people against fire

Security guards protect buildings, valuables and people against fire, theft, vandalism and terrorism. They patrol properties and monitor alarm systems to make sure all is secure. They also provide escorts to people and property. In some cases, they can also be called on to act as an armed response.

Security officers are employed by businesses, schools, government agencies and other organisations to help keep their premises and people safe. They can work as a part of an armed response team, or they can be unarmed and perform more general duties such as patrolling and monitoring CCTV.

A specialised security guard can be an invaluableĀ Security guards London asset to a business. They can help deter criminals and reassure staff, customers and visitors that they are safe. They can even take on more specific roles such as escorting VIPs, preventing theft of laptops and other items from vehicles, and providing surveillance and investigation support to police.

The Tower Guard is a team of serving military personnel who protect the Crown Jewels and maintain the security of the Tower of London. They are on duty every night and take part in three daily ceremonies: the Ceremonial Opening, Ceremony of the Word and Ceremony of the Keys.