Art Legends – Their Influences on Design and Fashion

art legends

If you want to buy beautiful home decor, you may want to visit Art Legends in Calicut, Kerala. Their collection is quite extensive, so you will surely find something that appeals to you. These art legends have influenced everything from street art to fashion trends. They are the inspiration for all sorts of art, from modern to classical. You may also want to take a look at their influences on design and fashion. You might be surprised by who they have inspired.

Influence on street art

The influence of art legends on street artists is obvious, and many would say that these artists are influenced by the communities in which they work. Street artists often compress their message into aesthetics, making it more powerful than any recognizable original. A reimagining of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, for example, can make a profound statement, ranging from a sociopolitical commentary to a call to peace.

The concept of repetition is a defining element of street art. This type of art, which is rooted in the urban environment, is reproduced through typography and symbolism. Some famous street artists reproduce the same type of artwork repeatedly, displaying their influence on the world and the future of our planet. In addition to this, street art is often used to represent urban youth and the boundaries of urban spaces.

Influence on fashion trends

Fashion trends often mirror the zeitgeist of the time, and this is no different for art. Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dress was a classic example of pop art. In 1966, the designer introduced his Pop Art collection, which would eventually become a global phenomenon. Artist Andy Warhol was a major influence on fashion, and his work would soon be featured on clothes by major brands, including Gucci, Prada, and Dior.

Yves Saint Laurent made a collection of Pop art inspired by Tom Wesselmann for his Autumn/Winter 1966-67 fashion collection. The result was a phenomenal response to the designs. Another artist, Warhol Marilyn, created a dress made from soup cans – which became an instant hit with the masses. The Pop art movement would also influence the next generation of designers and create a global fashion craze.

Influence on design

Paul Rand was a big name in the design world, and he was credited with visually reshaping America after World War II. He pioneered innovative methods of logo and advertising creation, and removed copywriting from its dominant position. Rand advocated simplifying type and letting form and function interact. In the design world, his work remains an inspiration. Today, designers often use his methods as a guide to create a compelling brand identity.