How to Choose a Full-Service Mover


Moving companies have a variety of services. For example, they load items in cars and trucks and reverse the process on the other end. Sometimes, they’ll even carry you on their couches. Often, they’ll charge you based on how much your belongings weigh. You can choose to hire a full-service mover for this task, which will cost you more but will give you more services. Here are some tips for choosing the right mover for your moving needs.

Full-service movers are more expensive than self-service movers

Self-service movers don’t packĀ moving companies georgetown tx your items, and they can do a decent job. But full-service movers have professionals that take care of every aspect of moving from start to finish. Their staff can pack everything, load the boxes, and unpack them. These professionals handle all aspects of the relocation from start to finish, ensuring your home is safe and stress-free.

They offer more services

Full-service movers provide more services than the average moving company. These companies are able to handle delicate and large items. These companies handle all aspects of your move, from packing to unpacking and more. Listed below are some of the extra services full-service movers can provide for you. Read on to learn more. This article outlines what you can expect from a full-service mover. Listed below are just a few of the services to look for in a moving company.

They charge based on weight of cargo

Moving by weight is less likely to lead to scams. A mover’s tariff is basically the same for the same-weight shipment traveling the same distance. The mover must charge the weight specified in their tariff. A non-binding estimate, though, may not reflect the true cost. However, you do have the right to see a mover’s scale ticket. You can view the scale ticket by requesting a copy of it.

They pack everything

Moving companies can provide many benefits to moving, including packing your items, ensuring that they arrive at their destination undamaged. You don’t have to pack everything yourself – just pack the non-breakables. You can even label your boxes to avoid confusion later on. For a one-bedroom apartment, a two-bedroom apartment, a three-bedroom house, or a four-bedroom house, you can complete the move in two to four days.

They provide damage coverage

If you’re moving to a new home, it’s important to know what kind of damage coverage movers provide. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three different types of coverage. Full Value Protection covers personal property and the costs of repairs. It also covers natural disasters such as fire, storms, hail, and windstorms. Different deductible levels will reduce the cost of full value protection. Full value protection is not recommended for all homeowners.