Ethicon Surgical Staples Class Action Lawsuit

Ethicon Surgical Staples Lawsuit

If you are concerned that your Ethicon Surgical Staples are not formed properly, you may be eligible to file a Class Action Lawsuit. This lawsuit may be filed based on a number of different issues. This article will discuss the most common claims, including: failure to form staples properly, component that is out of specification, and Recall. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit if you are one of the many eligible class members.

Class action lawsuit

If you have suffered from injuries caused by an Ethicon stapler, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a class action lawsuit. These lawsuits are filed against manufacturers of products containing Ethicon Surgical Staples, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. They can lead to significant compensation for victims who have suffered from gastrointestinal problems. This article discusses a recent lawsuit in which a patient has won substantial compensatory damages against Ethicon.

The FDA published a secret database of staplers manufactured Ethicon Recall Lawyer by Ethicon in 2006, which led to tighter regulations. The company has been accused of causing injuries due to its products, but has denied the accusations. Florence Kuhlmann, a former police officer, filed a class action lawsuit after a surgery with an Ethicon stapler resulted in life-threatening complications. The stapler failed to prevent her bowel from moving freely and her surgery was aborted due to a complication.


The FDA has issued a recall on certain Ethicon Surgical Staples following an investigation that found that some of the staplers were malformed when they entered the body. These staplers were recalled because of injuries that occurred as a result of the staples failing to cut washers properly and creating malformed staples. The recall also affects Ethicon’s Endo-Surgery Intraluminal staplers.

According to the company’s website, the Class I recall covers over 92,000 devices sold in the United States. The products may have failed to fire properly or may deliver malformed staples. These devices could lead to significant injury or death, and the firm has confirmed the injuries of two patients. Multiple Class I recalls for a single product does not mean that Ethicon is unethical, but they do indicate that they may not be ensuring patient safety.

Failure to form proper staples

A lawsuit filed against Ethicon alleges that its surgical staplers do not form the proper type of staples. Surgeons use these staplers to connect various parts of the body after surgery. However, the device is defective and sometimes misfires or fails to seal tissues properly. While surgeons can recognize such issues during surgery, the staplers may not function properly and can cause complications.

The most common Ethicon surgical staples lawsuit claims that the device failed to form the proper type of staples. In this lawsuit, a patient claims that his surgeons failed to form the staples properly, causing him to experience pain and discomfort after surgery. The staples were not formed properly and caused him to have additional surgery. This lawsuit against the stapler manufacturer has the potential to recover millions of dollars for those who suffered complications.

Component that is out of specification

An out-of-spec component in Ethicon surgical staplers may be the cause of dangerous complications, including malformed staples and prolonged surgery. Malformed staples can lead to severe complications, including hemorrhage and shock, and may even result in death. This type of stapler has been linked to at least seven serious injuries and one death. Ethicon has notified the FDA of the possible risk of these surgical staplers.

The Food and Drug Administration has recalled certain models of Ethicon Surgical Staples. The recalled products caused numerous serious injuries and one fatality. In response, Ethicon has halted production of these staplers. However, it is not clear whether this recall affects staplers made in the months of August and September 2019.